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July 6th, 2015

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Enlightenment does not happen for two reasons

October 31st, 2013

Enlightenment does not happen easily or commonly for two reasons. One, the spiritual aspirant is not sufficiently connected to the Enlightenment Transmission. Two, the spiritual aspirant is resisting the changes which Enlightenment, these include: loss of present identity, change of lifestyle and new responsibilities.” ~ Dave Oshana

Discover how to get Enlightened, listen to Preparing for Enlightenment

News Flash “We regret to announce the delayed coming of 21st December 2012!

December 17th, 2012

Dear Enlightenment Seeker!

By the time you read this email “2012 – The Mayan Coffee Bean Marketing Event” will not have happened – not in any kind of dramatic way. Is this the time to shout "wake up and smell the coffee or the BS"?

What next? Enlightenment-Now, EnlightenNext? How about simply Enlightenment?

I am staking my 12 year reputation as a spiritual enlightenment teacher on claiming that nothing will happen on 21st December 2012 except that afterwards the days will start to get longer and lighter as they do every year as we move to mid-Summer.

As an enlightened spiritual teacher it is my duty to separate the true for the false. In that respect, as New Age groupies sit down to both save and celebrate humanity, I am unavoidably counter-counter-culture.

Spiritual teachings is littered with falsehoods, myths and misunderstandings. Ultimately, only you can discern the Truth.

Seeing is believing but when something does not happen the strange thing is that people continue to believe. As a former spiritual seeker myself I heard many "end of the world" prophecies which were supposed to happen in my lifetime. While it is getting worse out there materially, it is getting better "in here" spiritually.

The only sure path to salvation, eternity and immortality is within you where no one, and nothing, can take such progress away.

Winter is a time for going within – which is why I am offering gift meditations and some free classes and replays (news soon in upcoming email). Don’t forget the promotional code email a few weeks ago – one live class free for first time listeners.

I just completed the class “Remembrance: A Meditative Journey” on Sunday (which will be available as a replay soon). This Sunday 23rd December we will look at the post-2012 aftermath and other distractions on your spiritual path in “Getting Real With Yourself: 2012, The Secret, Myths and Other New Age Distractions”. It’s a live class, drop in online and tune out.

Be sure to catch the free class "The Whole Truth" on New Year’s Eve. As I go into my 13th year of Enlightenment Teaching and Enlightenment Transmission sharing, everything – as they say in the post-Christmas sales – must go!

Live Transmission Online Class Final for 2012

 podcast 23rd December (Sunday)
"Getting Real With Yourself: 2012, The Secret, Myths and Other New Age Distractions"

Focus on what truly matters – You!

 podcast 31st December (Monday)
"The Whole Truth"

The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the spiritual Truth

No need to sit meditating upon small stuff. Lay back, look to the heavens and fly – in the recent online meditation “The Everything, Everywhere Meditation” (currently available as a high quality MP3 download only).

Blessings in the light of The Enlightenment Transmission,
Dave Oshana

Finnish pop superstar, Danny, intends to finally start living and loving at 67 after heart attack

November 8th, 2010

It may surprise you that even heartthrob pop superstars with the world and lovesick girls at their feet don’t know how to live and have a bit of trouble loving.

Danny (Ilkka Lipsanen), the first rock star to bring colourful choreography to the Finnish rock scene recently made a surprising statement to the press after a heart attack last month which left him at the “gates of death”

Danny now wants to live and love at the age of 67.

I am happy that Danny has come to this spiritual realisation and that he his publicising it through the Finland’s media channels. It may cause others to start waking up and question why they are living the way that they do.

Without asking such questions awareness cannot arise sufficient for constructive changes to happen.

I wonder how Danny will start opening himself up to life and how he will start giving and receiving love?

I know that it will not be easy. Simply having an intention is not enough. Habits and inhibitions have to be overcome. These tendencies are deep rooted, related to painful experiences and are well defended in the psyche.

In my work of guiding others to be all that they can be these areas are encountered and gently overcome. It takes dedication, persistence and support. Fortunately, good results come surprisingly fast and this encourages person to carry on until all is good and perfect.

I have been teaching that you don’t need to get to death’s door to realise that life has brought you wonderful opportunities. Human life is short, it does not get longer.

Danny’s poignant story reminds us of several important principles:

  • Starting fully living and loving today
  • Take every opportunity that life gives you
  • Be kind to others
  • Don’t take for granted what you already have
  • Being famous does not guarantee getting the most precious things in life – in fact it may make life more difficult
  • The Danny’s news story closely follows recent Oshana spiritual teaching events this past past two days:

    The Helsinki Intensive The Real Price of Having a Life


    The live online class (every Sunday) The Rest of Your Life

    The rest of your life awaits you, but like Danny, are you ready to pay a big price to realise it? Don’t wait until it’s too late!

    Contact me through my website for support, guidance and assistance. It’s what it’s there for!

    Blessing in the glories and opportunities of life,
    Dave Oshana

    Inception Movie’s Spiritual Awakening Metaphors

    July 28th, 2010

    “Inception” is one of those movies which offers valuable metaphors for spiritual teaching. But a metaphor is only truly useful when it is fully realised or used in the service of awakening another.

    “Inception” is about dreams, illusions, projections, inner defenses, internal sabotage, buried memories and unresolved issues. It won’t wake you up but with the guidance of an authentic spiritual teacher the movie can provide a new language of dreams for non-psychotherapists.

    It’s progress if people start to wonder if their life is an illusion and start to seek for meaning. People are living in a dream which will, at the very least, fall apart when they die. How to bring the structures of the dream crashing down in such a way that the dream is exposed without destroying the fully functioning human mind? That question is for budding spiritual teachers.

    Waking has to be done carefully and effectively otherwise the attempt will fail, take forever or worse crash and burn.

    If you want to wake up from the dream and come back to Reality then contact me, Mal – it’s what I am here for.


    The Hot Steamy Summer Pre-Retreat Message

    July 10th, 2010

    “Enlightenment is closer than you imagine!”

    Dear Enlightenment Participant!

    2 days to the Island Retreat. Are you feeling the heat, yet? It’s been a sultry 86F (30C), punctuated by warm sunny showers. Even the lakes are steaming!

    o group walk pier

    I’m feeling it. I have been lounging beside a forest lake for 10 days. Well, not always lounging; I had time to make a teaching video which you will get to see after we figure out how to edit it properly for online viewing.

    I also got out the yellow hardhat to work on the new v.2.0. I and our hardworking tech, Nico, are excited with the delightful new features that will make it easier for you to find and watch videos, articles, book classes and replays and listen to free audio.

    But alas! Computers are not responding well to my carbon-based touch. Nothing new, but rarer these days. After arriving back home, I immediately blew my desktop computer and a vacuum cleaner.

    I hope I don’t blow up at the Retreat with all the "cosmic cleaning" (that expression care of a pair of Antipodeans) which is already happening. Normally, machines adapt to work very well around me except when I am buzzing as I am now.

    Before any Teaching, the Transmission ramps up, life and mind slows down, different things happen and there is a tonne of detox. Always remember, drink water, avoid sticky foods, get lots of sleep before you attend a Teaching event.

    I am going to be offline soon for about 10 days. But I’ll certainly be back with spiritual internet classes starting Sunday 8th August. You will be the first to know the new online class titles if you are subscribed to the online classes update list at (you need to login and go to Settings). It has been fun giving the classes and constantly improving the delivery.

    Finally, I want to emphasise what the Oshana Enlightenment Teaching is really about. It’s about saying goodbye to the old you: your constructed, artificial identity. It’s not about improving that old wrecked model but bringing out the shining model which has been patiently waiting in a barn under a tarpaulin. So allow yourself a vacation away from your old self and life as you knew it. The reward is potentially great – Enlightenment!

    Looking forward to seeing you on the other side of Enlightenment!

    Dave O.

    Why You Need At Least 3 People To Help Get You Enlightened

    May 18th, 2010

    I figured out that you need at least 3 people to help you get Enlightened. Some seekers believe a teacher or guide is necessary to get enlightened and some do not. But what is the reality? I will explain, without recourse to hackneyed old traditional speculative answers, something which I had no clue about on the day that I got Enlightened, which is that you need 3 people for the Enlightenment Process to be effective.

    energy meditation

    Since becoming a spiritual teacher following my Enlightenment on 19 June 2000, I have felt that I can make a crucial difference for other seekers to find their own Enlightenment. In reality, I could not see how they could do it without my help, and for this reason felt compelled to teach even though I had never wanted to teach. Based on nearly 10 years of teaching experience, I can definitely, declare that miracles happen consistently on a daily basis. I notice a dramatic and unprecedented rise in awareness, energy and ability of seekers who connect to the Enlightenment Transmission. Although, this continually happens I am still frequently surprised, in awe and grateful.

    We can now throw out the old rusty traditional Enlightenment Handbook and observe how it happens live and direct. Truly, I can say that seekers who connect to the Enlightenment Transmission are experiencing a seemingly impossible rebirth and enjoying a new existence.

    The typical rationalisation given by religious institutions for having a teacher is that everyone needs a teacher for every activity in life. I have always disagreed with this because some activities happen naturally and that Life is the Teacher. I also believe that Enlightenment is a natural God-given birthright. However, there are, within each seeker obstructions, which I as a spiritual midwife can remove when the seeker requests it.

    I also have always maintained that Enlightenment should happen out there, in Life, and not in a monastery. I do not live in a temple; I live in the real world, because that is where Life is happening. However, I do also recommend an occasional, temporary retreat from the distractions of everyday life to benefit from a continuous and intense exposure to the Enlightenment Transmission for those who are able to cope with transformations and openings.

    Coming back to the title of this live online class, "Why You Need At Least 3 People To Help Get You Enlightened", I will explain. As I have taken so much of your time already, I will simply give you a clue – only one of those 3 persons has to be an enlightened spiritual teacher!

    Join in this live online class on 30th May 2010 or order the replay even if you are just the tiniest bit interested in Enlightenment and how it can be brought about.

    What I really, really want is for Christmas is . . .

    December 25th, 2009

    I realised this year why it is that the older you get that Christmas does not work. Our ancient ancestors must have realised a few days after the shortest astronomical day was a very good excuse the celebrate the return of the light. Perfectly acceptable behaviour until the religious and secular marketing men turned up to subvert the festival and progressively brainwashed the masses to associate it with myths, untruths and lies. Jesus was not born on Christmas Day and didn’t even follow a solar calendar. The only relevance of Santa Claus is that the original Saint Nicholas was connected to Turkey, the namesake of poor bird that gets gutted and stuffed in sacrifice ever so-called Christ-mass.


    If you want to be loving at Christmas you don’t need to get drunk, sing silly tunes, send e-cards. I don’t take up space writing the whole list of ridiculous behaviours. I invite you to meditate. I already gave a dig at Christmas madness yesterday in my evil twin anti-enlightenment blog, Un-Enlightened Society, in a post entitled The Matrix Meltdown at Christmas: Real Goodwill. Like all things spiritual and transformational, don’t read it unless you want an alternative perspective.

    Into the real meaning of this post. I realised that Christmas does not work for me because it is unreal. It’s a ritualistic game of fake sentiments. I prefer to be real. Unfortunately, Christmas is an invitation, even a strong pressure, a Spanish Inquisition to suspend reality and sincerity.

    I don’t ask for much so I never notice that I don’t get what I would really want for Christmas. First I would want Christmas to go away. Instead, let’s all go to the forest and cook over a wood fire in a yurt. Next let’s have some real food. All that wasted money could be spent on top quality organic delicacies and exotic foods. Me what do I want? Oh, I’m not denying that I don’t enjoy a pair of woollen socks and cotton boxer shorts, but what I really, really want is a website. Yes, a website! A fully functioning up-to-date website with all the content that would explain, describe and give the experience and understanding of the Enlightenment Transmission and Teaching. Until I have that site I know that my teaching cannot go forward without having to reinvent the wheel again and again. Once the website is there then many other projects can go forward. That’s what I really want. Now let me open that gift wrapped box . . . Oho! It’s a . . .

    Dave Oshana in Minä Olen Magazine

    August 22nd, 2009
    Minä Olen -lehti cover

    Minä Olen -lehti cover

    Article about the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching of enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana in the current edition of the Finnish Minä Olen -lehti. The latest insights and descriptions of the Oshana teaching and spans 6 pages.

    Meanwhile our English readers can read about the experiences of one man’s 7 year adventure with the Transmission: The Reluctant Guru

    Also posted at

    Dave Oshana Minä Olen Magazine

    and in Finnish at
    Dave Oshana Minä Olen -lehti

    25 Ways How Enlightenment is Like a Never Ending Orgasm

    June 22nd, 2009

    25 Ways How Enlightenment is Like a Never Ending Orgasm

    1. You really, really want it
    2. You’re distracted until you get it
    3. You get frustrated if you don’t get it
    4. You think you are in control but you are not
    5. It pulls you in
    6. You are always on the edge
    7. You feel it in every cell of your body
    8. You totally give yourself (before)
    9. You completely give yourself up (during)
    10. It contracts and expands at the same time
    11. You feel it in your body – and somewhere else
    12. It transports you outside of space and time
    13. It takes your breath away
    14. It makes you happy to be alive
    15. You feel compassion, joy and openness
    16. You sense eternity and infinity
    17. You can’t imagine what it is until you experience it
    18. You don’t need another one
    19. Past, present and future become one
    20. The Earth shakes
    21. Time stands still
    22. You become soft and loving like a baby
    23. You become one with another
    24. Nothing else matters
    25. Love!

    Now, if you want to experience what Enlightenment is really like then visit
    register for free spiritual advice at

    Why I wrote "25 Ways How Enlightenment is Like a Never Ending Orgasm?"

    Enlightenment Transmission
    is here.
    Take it.
    Pass it on.