Getting Enough Vitamin L: Love

Dave Oshana seeks to give you life in all its fullness by recognising what love is and is not. True love is the missing L Vitamin. Elusive but worth finding, obtaining it could kick-start your life in all kinds of ways.

There’s a new vitamin that everyone needs to be happy and survive but few know enough about to derive. It’s Vitamin L. “L” for love. Not L-O-V-E love or pop song love. Not romantic love. Not being in love. Nor falling in love. Nor falling out of love. None of those expressions come close to getting your supply high.

Life without the Love Vitamin? That isn’t so comfortable. Yet so many go without it, day after day, year after year. Like water, we are a dehydrated society. Most people know that something is wrong but they don’t know what is wrong. And so they go looking for love in all the proverbial wrong places -which leads to disappointment, disillusionment and more frantic seeking – until death do thee part.

Like anything which goes unsatisfied, the lack becomes over-whelming, disabling, distracting and all-consuming. Many people don’t actually start their real lives, the life they could have, the mission, the relationship, the family because they lack this basic love – Vitamin L.

Vitamin L is invisible. You can’t buy it in the shops. It can’t be manufactured by listening to a song or watching a movie. It’s not an emotion or a feeling. Vitamin L is a basic sense of being fully accepted simply for existing. Without this sense a person doesn’t feel that they have the right to be here or anywhere. They constantly doubt if they are right or wrong. The tiniest wobble in their plans, environment or the reactions of others can devastate them because, not so deep down, they are grossly and perpetually uncertain of themselves.

It’s a given that your environment, including those you would expect to give you perpetual eternal love, simply will fail to do so some of the time. At least from your perspective, if you have not grokked that love simply exists. But if you are looking for quick fixes and emotional highs, the Hallmark greeting card, that special event or birthday party – then surely you will be sorely disappointed – because none of those are Love itself but simply manifestations. Love is not a manifestation. However, love can be expressed through forms and activities. But if you can’t extract the love from the forms it takes then you will go eternally hungry.

Can you start to see that Love is essential to living fully, and that a life without love is dark, introspective and fails to flourish? Do you get that love is sought for in the wrong places? Do you sense that love is available for free? This online class seeks to make these realizations available to you in the anticipation that you will then have life in all its fullness.

Author: Dave Oshana

Enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana has been sharing the Enlightenment Transmission aince June 19th 2000 so that others may know Awakening and become fully Enlightened too.

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  1. Thank you for you kind thoughts about Love. We live on a wonderful planet full of incrediable people who need to take time out to see how awesome it is. I am thankful to be alive and to help people realize the gift of life that we all have. Thank you again for reminding me to love and be loved….

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