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Inception Movie’s Spiritual Awakening Metaphors

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

“Inception” is one of those movies which offers valuable metaphors for spiritual teaching. But a metaphor is only truly useful when it is fully realised or used in the service of awakening another.

“Inception” is about dreams, illusions, projections, inner defenses, internal sabotage, buried memories and unresolved issues. It won’t wake you up but with the guidance of an authentic spiritual teacher the movie can provide a new language of dreams for non-psychotherapists.

It’s progress if people start to wonder if their life is an illusion and start to seek for meaning. People are living in a dream which will, at the very least, fall apart when they die. How to bring the structures of the dream crashing down in such a way that the dream is exposed without destroying the fully functioning human mind? That question is for budding spiritual teachers.

Waking has to be done carefully and effectively otherwise the attempt will fail, take forever or worse crash and burn.

If you want to wake up from the dream and come back to Reality then contact me, Mal – it’s what I am here for.

Dave Oshana –