Absolute Freedom: Soul Level Karma-Free Action

A seminar by Dave Oshana

Absolute Freedom: Soul Level Karma-Free Action

Visit the birthplace of your soul, your true home, where all actions are karma-free and in harmony with the Universe and the Will of God. Understand the (Bodhisattva) principle of living to end pain and suffering of others. See beyond the illusory curtain of this world and realise the absolute freedom which you have inherited.

The laws of cause and effect, more poetically known as “karma”, seem to be in operation everywhere.  However, mystics have referred to a transcendental realm which is unaffected by karma – we can call it the “karma-free zone”.

The idea of karma is complex but in its simplest form it is that every action has an effect. The personal relevance is that the effects of your actions have to be paid off. Unfortunately, debt payments cannot be paid immediately but are staggered over many lifetimes.

Bad deeds a lot of suffering until you learn to discriminate right from wrong action. Fortunately, good works, which you surely do, mean lifetimes of rewards on heavenly planets, enjoying seemingly unlimited pleasures and being treated like a minor god. Unfortunately, your credit runs out and you get sent back down to Earth to repeat the process again – ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Eventually, you get tired of this unending cycle of reward and punishment and figure out that there must be more to life and you become a spiritual seeker.  From there on you set your sights, all though you don’t know it yet, on finding the “karma-free zone”. In the “karma-free zone” you don’t get attached to anything and so you don’t have to physically incarnate ever again – this amounts to a huge saving in living costs.  However, if you are a Bodhisattva-type, meaning a “really nice person”, then you incarnate to relieve the suffering of others.

However, the physical body is subject to the laws of physics. So in that sense the Bodhisattva-type suffers, because all bodies suffer, on Earth for the sake of others. But the Bodhisattva-type is experiencing life from a different place compared to the average person. Whilst his feet are firmly on the ground, his awareness is not in his head, or his earthly identity but his transcendental activities in his eternal home.

The Bodhisattva-type would like to go home forever but for the sake of others stays in the body. This might remind you of Jesus describing how His Father’s home is not of this world.
If you would like to visit this heavenly realm then you can. There are two types of visas, temporary stay and permanent.

The temporary heavenly visa means you get to experience bliss, freedom and expansion but you cannot stay there indefinitely and you can’t choose how long you can stay or when you can go back. The permanent visa means that you are in the heavenly karma-free zone all of the time. However, the price that you pay is that you can never experience life from a mundane human perspective and never feel that Earth is your proper home.

The “karma-free zone” is actually the Primordial Space from which all of Creation came. It is insubstantial and un-manifest. In that place there is no distance, time or matter. Yet everything is there. Because there are no things therefore there are no actions. This is why it is karma-less. Yet, we can go there anytime because it is our true Home from where we came and to where we will eventually return.

The good news is that you can visit your Home before you finish all your incarnations because you already exist in that place. However, your worldly filters out spiritual information and stops you experiencing the full magnitude of what you really are. The mind creates the illusion of a fictitious world. Called “maya” in Hinduism and “The Matrix” in modern stories.  I show ways to go beyond the mind to that place where you can experience absolute freedom, where actions have no karma and everything you do is in harmony with the Universe and God’s Will.

Unshakeable Confidence in One’s Sacred Life Purpose

Spiritual teacher and psychologist Dave Oshana gives a unique seminar about happiness.
Unshakeable Confidence in One’s Sacred Life Purpose

There is only one right choice in each moment. The mind is too slow to figure it. Only your soul’s intuition can show you the way. I reveal an energy, a teaching and techniques which will take you out of the mind and into the moment where you will find unlimited wisdom and unshakeable confidence.

How can you be sure that your next move is the best one?

It’s a lot of pressure isn’t it? Yet we will put ourselves under this pressure every day, many times a day for the rest of our lives. So it’s worth solving this problem, ending daily confusion and being able to get on with our lives in the certain knowledge that we are doing absolutely the right thing in any given moment.

First something to relax you. God  (or the Universe or Consciousness, whatever word suits you) does not demand that you achieve anything.  That’s right.  That’s not why you are here, sweetie. God wants you to enjoy life. That does not necessarily mean tonnes of hedonistic activities but to enjoy at least the fact that you are here, alive, breathing and in existence. And to laugh because when you laugh God gets to laughs too.

Maybe you feel the Truth in that but still you can’t shake off your old beliefs enough to relax and feel why you are really here. In that case come to the mini-seminar, and laugh at life and even yourself. Let’s clear up some myths, mistakes and misunderstanding – they are often the cause of problems.

If you could relax, then you would discover that life is fun and you would see more clearly. The ultimate aim is that you know who you are and what you want to do.

Also be aware that Life sometimes wants you to have a complete rest, that means to do Nothing.  Very few people dare to do absolutely nothing but it’s the necessary step before taking massive action and getting things done.

Once you have rested fully then your life force energy goes to the opposite pole towards absolute activity. If you allow yourself to go to both extremes then you avoid burn-out. If you get stuck in one extreme then you become disabled.

You arrive on the planet with a purpose to express valuable qualities like love, compassion, fairness and sensitivity. People typically forget this when they form a social identity during childhood conditioning . They act from their head instead of their heart and from whence comes competition, jealousy, paranoia and judgement.

Take  a holiday from the mind’s self-created prison. Re-experience the joy and direct contact with life. Without the mind’s negative filters the world looks beautiful and you become confident.

My healing method involves conscious, subconscious and invisible methods because the mind is invisible and has a subconscious component. Talking, giving advice, telling stories and jokes is the verbal part of what I do. The invisible part is managed by a powerful healing energy called the Transmission. It has worked miracles in people’s life. You can easily compare it to the Holy Spirit of Jesus’ time. I also show people how they can remove negative emotions and thoughts from their bodies by using their hands. When a person’s awareness moves out of the narrow prison walls of the mind it comes into contact with the realm of intuition from where one simply knows what is right. It’s like knowing where to hit a billiard ball to get all of the other balls to go into the holes. In that state, you quickly see that you only ever have one choice in each and very moment not many. The mind sees many choices and possibilities and this can lead to what I call “analysis paralysis” but the soul sees only one choice. That choice is always the right choice and thus you act always with unshakeable confidence knowing that life could not be any other way.

Dave Oshana
Raising consciousness, ending unhappiness and revealing the hidden dimensions of life is spiritual psychologist Dave Oshana’s mission.  From his lifelong spiritual practices came a huge awakening in 2000, a powerful healing energy, The Transmission, and an unstoppable sense of humour. Oshana’s teachings are practical, experiential and personal. The ultimate result is freedom from fear, deep peace and an effortless way of being. Originally from the UK, Oshana now lives in Finland and teaches internationally and online.