2009 Message: How IT All Started – and Ended

How IT All Started
– and Ended

Transmission AUDIOcast

18th January 2009
Starts 4pm Helsinki (2pm London)
Cost: Nothing, Nada, Nichts

Dear Seekers,

What a good way to start the New Year – late (having missed all the bad news and great sales) and with a free AUDIOcast as a way to introduce the start of a new season of Sunday afternoon (or brunch depending on your region) Live Transmission online classes. New flavours from the Oshana kitchen of experimental spiritual cuisine – but relax – exactly the same tried and true ingredients.

Thematically, the AUDIOcast will be about how it all started and ended for me – as a seeker. I can just about remember those days. Pre-2000, I chased after anything and everything, even bags in the wind …

Cue: The plastic bag scene from “American Beauty” and the words, “And that’s the day I realized there was this entire life behind things, and… this incredibly benevolent force … Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart’s going to cave in.”

Well, actually scraps of paper covered with cryptic inscriptions describing the beneficence of sundry mystics who held audience in hard-to-find London tenements. Normal people, it seemed, chucked such invaluable maps to consciousness away, totally oblivious to the inherent value.

This is how I spent my youth. Misspent? The court is out on that one. Fortunately, for all its wonder and spectacle, my seeking days ended fatefully on 19th June 2000. No more seekers anymore (set to the tune of “No More Heroes” – do not follow link). I can’t say I miss any of it – because – I don’t.

If you know me. (You do? Ok, I can tell you then) Then you know that Waking UP was the singularly most important event for me. It was like the time and place when and where I entered into this world. Year Zero. There was nothing before it. How peculiar.

Being a spiritual teacher and sharing magical lights, mind shattering wisdom, spontaneous healings and experiences so deep you could free fall for ever and ever – this is nothing compared to the Enlightenment because nothing compares to birth, I can tell you, and so can quite a few recently overwhelmed happy Oshana student couples – Congratulations!

Except in my case I was spiritually reborn, not physically (although I had heretofore toyed with the idea but figured my mum would not be up for it). I always wanted a new life, a fresh start. Come mid-June 2000, I had it.

I am trying my best not to reveal the AUDIOcast, not to expose the new soup’s secret seasoning. Truth is, I don’t know what it is yet. I haven’t cooked it. But this weekend, when I am all alone, I will make it.

I think I have said enough. I’ll stop here. Save to mention a few practical items. Yawn! Pay attention, especially if you have never attended an Oshana online class or AUDIOcast, this may prevent lifetimes of gnawing dissatisfaction at having missed the audio stream due to a completely avoidable mistake.

Well, I’ll spare you the details in this email. If you are interested, and there is no reason why no to be, then you will find all the information about tuning in this Sunday at the following web-page How IT All Started – and Ended and if you miss it there will be a repeat (at the end of 2009 – just kidding!)

And whether or not you miss the free AUDIOcast you still have time to catch the paid-for live class on 25th January Why You Should Stop Seeking, Today! After which, I will never call you a seeker ever again, never ever.

And if I don’t catch you in life then may it be the next!

Seasons greetings,
Dave Oshana