The Universe’s Best Kept Secret

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Dear Seeker,

We live in exciting times. So many abundant spiritual blessings are available.

I feel graced to be able to share this amazing teaching with you. I am constantly surprised by it’s breadth and depth. I call it The World’s Best Kept Secret because it has only been available to very few in recent times.

Last Saturday, I taught a Conscious Cooking class. Food is medicine. Cooking is love. Typically, it went longer than planned, so many recipes came through, and everyone’s stomach was filled with delicious food. I didn’t try the food until I finished the class, as is my way, and I was overwhelmed and breathless at how the tastes have come together. If your mouth is watering, sorry but we don’t know when the next cooking class is. If I was not a spiritual teacher than I would be a very special chef, but life has not happened that way. I trust you can benefit many times more by the fact that I bring the deepest spiritual truths to you in a way that you completely understand without even breaking a sweat.

What gifts await you this week?

Tomorrow, I teach one of the most important subjects that you will ever hear. It’s The Story of You, the hopes, the dreams and the desires and what happened to that life as I lovingly lecture on “Thou Shalt Not Hinder: Empowering Your Child’s Full Potential“. Whether you are a parent or not this lecture has something profound and deep for you. It is infinitely more than just a talk, it is an experiential journey into who you were and who you will be.

This Saturday, I have a wonderful gift The Simplest, Deepest Relaxation Ever. What a boast, because it is true! It’s wonderful because the LifeForce Healing Energy, (The Transmission) gives you everything you need to meditate as deep as you ever will be able. To think that I spent years breaking my back holding myself in all sorts of unusual position when the solution was so simple. You are truly blessed and lucky. This is The Biggest Secret.

The ecstasy never stops – Sunday is the next online class called the “Live Transmission” because it is just that, the mysterious LifeForce Healing Energy touches everyone who listens. I am amazed at how powerfully people are being affected. Their awareness travels far away from their body and mind and does not until the end of the class. Where does it go? You can find out for yourself. Another great secret.

And then there are my free PODcasts which you can listen from your own browser. You just have to register to get these free gift. I will make another PODcast this week. What have you got to lose? No-thing, nothing – ever – only massive gains spiritually for you.

Wednesday 12 March 2008 at 6pm Helsinki – Thou Shalt Not Hinder: Empowering Your Child’s Full Potential

Life Mastery Series. Allowing children to grow naturally and joyfully. A harmonious and easy way to educate. Open to everyone. A must hear lecture.

Saturday 15 March 2008 at 2pm Helsinki – The Simplest, Deepest Relaxation Ever

The LifeForce Healing Energy Meditation is the simplest, most powerful meditation system. Works everytime. You do absolutely nothing and become completely relaxed. The work is done for you by the LifeForce Healing Energy: The Transmission. The ultimate result of spiritual seeking is continuous effortless meditation on the Source of All Creation. It happens spontaneously whether eyes are open, close or you are asleep.

Sunday 16 March 2008 at 4pm Internet – Oshana Online Classes

4pm Helsinki (2pm London, 9am New York).
You can see more international times here: The Live Transmission

FREE First Come, First Served Broadcasts

Be blessed, be conscious, be life,
Dave Oshana

Jesus’ Path – Increasing The Good Works

A Martian tuning over the last few weeks might assume that this blog is about nothing more than the Jokela High School massacre. He or she (presuming that Martians have sex like everyone else – gratuitous anthropomorphic search engine bait noted) might wonder what does this blog have to do with Spiritual Enlightenment? Of course, it has everything to do with Enlightenment. Healing the immense psychological trauma resulting from the Jokela tragedy has everything to do with the enlightened life.

An enlightened person cannot just switch off and pretend that the Jokela High School children are not intensely confused and afraid. Daily they walk the same corridors where the blood of their friends and family was spilled. The trauma radiates out of Jokela like a seismic tsunami engulfing Finland and the world. Reports of copy-cat incidents planned, thwarted and attempted are coming in daily.

I would like to report that it is all being taken care of by the authorities, by the angels or life – but it isn’t. If teachers are breaking down seven years after the Columbine Massacre then what waits around the corner in Jokela? We can’t solve every problem today, but are Finnish children convinced that they are any safer now? Nothing has changed. While the rest of Finland might forget, the Jokela kids will remember their scars forever.
[I can get back to the Jokela issue in another post or maybe even start a new blog about social issues.]

A Martian, I am sure, would read deeper into this blog. In some parts of the world, let alone the universe, good enlightenment teaching is non-existent. You don’t want to go there, believe me! The Martian will harvest all the enlightenment information which there is to get – the sweet with the sour, the rough with the smooth.

For good enlightenment teaching to happen there has to be digging. Digging to find a qualified teacher, digging for the right questions and the teacher has to dig to get all of the teaching out of himself. Not 1% of what I have spoken has ever reached the internet and not 1% of what I could teach has ever been spoken – so that’s less than 1/10,000 of the teaching is out in the wild.

I know some seekers hope that enlightenment is simply unending bliss – it is- but it is also never-ending responsibility to free souls from suffering. This leads nicely into the subject of Jesus. You know, Jesus? Hint: He isn’t the guy that invented Christmas, presents, trees and all. Do you know why He came to us?

What I wanted to let you see is some of the other stuff that I do, in this case, a post which I am writing to my Finnish students. Normally you won’t get to see those posts. This recent post is about the upcoming Jesus teaching event. I will post it as the next blog item soon. So much to write and so little time . . .

PostScript: The promised blog item was posted two days later, enjoy : To Be Good One Must Do Good