Oshana’s Estonia Klassikaraadio Interview

I did an interview about my Enlightenment and Teaching with Peeter Liiv on Estonia Klassikaraadio’s Traditsiooni Tarkus.

I enjoyed listening to it and now you can listen to it too via the web-page below:

The interview addressed the following areas of interest:

  • Trendy enlightenment
  • Increasing numbers of reported enlightened?
  • Differing enlightenment schools
  • My life before Enlightenment Day
  • On Enlightenment Day – The Experience and circumstances
  • After Enlightenment Day – understanding and changes
  • Being An Enlightened Teacher – Why and What?
  • Unusual phenomena associated with Teaching and Transmission
  • Men and Women
  • Types of Love
  • Teaching Methods
  • Structure of Reality
  • Human Potential
  • Safe Ego Handling
  • Sensing Life Energies

I know you will enjoy it. It’s FREE and worth recommending to your spiritual friends. Catch a hearing today for as long as it stays on-line.