Dave Oshana in Minä Olen Magazine

Minä Olen -lehti cover
Minä Olen -lehti cover

Article about the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching of enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana in the current edition of the Finnish Minä Olen -lehti. The latest insights and descriptions of the Oshana teaching and spans 6 pages.

Meanwhile our English readers can read about the experiences of one man’s 7 year adventure with the Transmission: The Reluctant Guru

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Dave Oshana Minä Olen Magazine

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Dave Oshana Minä Olen -lehti

Author: Dave Oshana

Enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana has been sharing the Enlightenment Transmission aince June 19th 2000 so that others may know Awakening and become fully Enlightened too.

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