Enlightenment: The Hidden Door

Just a quick note to let you know that I have posted a new piece of enlightenment guidance at spiritual-teacher.org entitled Enlightenment: The Hidden Door. You are welcome to leave comments about the article at the end of this blog post.
It’s a short but precise statement – coming after the much longer previous blog post Enlightenment Day & Responsibility.

I am going back to live by forest lake now – the traditional thing to do during Summer in Finland. I will, though, be back soon with more to tell you about how I see the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching spreading worldwide.

Be Blessed with Enlightenment,

Dave Oshana

Author: Dave Oshana

Enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana has been sharing the Enlightenment Transmission aince June 19th 2000 so that others may know Awakening and become fully Enlightened too.

10 thoughts on “Enlightenment: The Hidden Door”

  1. Beloved Oshana………. what a coincidence!
    Beloved Babaji about 11 days ago asked me to create a WeBsite, with a HomePage containg three snow capped Mountains, {that I know actually exist in the Indian Himalaya}.
    In front of the mountains He requests a door to Eternity, so that when somebody clicks it it turns into an OM symbol and releases radiant light into the One Who Clicks.
    That door is also mentioned near the end of Jimmy Twyman’s Book ‘Emissary of Light’ when he meets his Teacher & the door on the top of a hill in Bosnia.

    I’m aware that this door is very present now, especially with two people or more that are Open to the Transmission Door beyond and as the intensity increases to change everything and release everything else from fear…

    Yours in a Kiss Astrid Joy Shivdas unending ~~~ ~~ ~ Ocean

  2. Your message reminded me about a dream i saw last night. In the dream you were teaching a group of people. You asked a question (related to enlightenment, but do not recall the question exactly now). I hesitated to answer but then i said something like: “Who am i to say anything, may the Will of God happen and not my will”.
    A bit later you brought a long woman’s winter jacket on top of a stick or a stand, with a hat at the top. I looked at it and there was nothing inside. I thought that maybe it was a metaphor for enlightenment, that the “me” that once was inside of the jacket is no longer there, just the outer form is remaining but nobody inside. I was a bit shocked about the realization that there would not be any “me” left when enlightenment strikes.
    The dream ended.


  3. I so much feel the same. I have opened the door long time, years, ago. Steps towards it has been slow, but so much easier now with the guides. Releasing from the life that one has lived many many years is hard, especially when surroundid with people who think they haven´t ever even seen the door. I´m so greatful I have found You Oshana and Arto and people with You so I´m free to talk and know more about the door.

  4. Hi Arto,

    I wonder what kind of “shock” that was?

    I would assume that you are able to handle quite a few shocks including lightning strike to your house! Though you were “not at home” as some fundits like to say. ; )
    [Arto was safely in an Enlightenment One-to-One at the time.]

    Some people are shocked when they stand on the edge of an inner awakening. I have met them after they try to pick up the pieces. Seekers of all kinds have had these premature glimpses of higher realities but have not been sufficiently prepared to handle the consequences.

    Also, some popular spiritual concepts doing the rounds are quite frightening.

    These concepts are mis-leading. That’s why it is vitally important to have personal contact with a living enlightened spiritual teacher and try to do it from a collection of books by unenlightened writers.

    There is no mourning the false self when enlightenment strikes, rather there is a sense of immense completeness and reality.

  5. I have not been aware of being enlightenment so I think I haven´t experienced it, but I´m convinced that the door exists. What I can say, is that the amount of light in my life has increased in proportion to the desires I have let go of. In this trend I´m convinced that this (letting go of, or ignoring desires with awareness) can be a powerful (perhaps the most powerful?) spiritual path. Essentially, this practice prepares you for enlightenment, but as Gangaji said in her book the Diamond in your pocket: to really invite enlightenment into your life you must want nothing else. If any other desire remains (like good health, a fulfilling sexual relationship or power), you aren´t really earnest about your quest for enlightenment. I can understand that enlightenment is a really frightening experience for the mind or the lower self, on the other hand, knowing your purpose in this life is in my opinion perhaps the greatest gift one might get, even if that meant living an unselfish life:)

  6. Hi Ali,

    The mind does not see Enlightenment coming so it has no time to formulate a reaction let alone an evasive response.

  7. Your message is quite revealing Dave, not just to me, but to everyone who can read it and recognise what they are reading. For me it was, and it is exactly like that. I saw the hidden door but did not recognise it, so I didn’t know it was a really a door, but then as I understood where the door lead, the door could be seen as a door.


  8. as dave stresses the point htat enlightenment can only happen in the presence/with the aid of an elnightened “teacher”, i wonder which “teacher” enlightened dave…
    if he had no teacher, why i should i need anybody else ?
    the truht is in me, isn’t it ?
    so why should i listen to an uneducated fraudster promising me something i already have ?

    — a true enlightened being (having gotten the gift to “see clearly” from himself (altough some call him god, buddha, … – not that there’s much of a difference for those who know ;.))

  9. @sceptic

    I have not said that Enlightenment “can only happen in the presence” of an enlightened teacher or even the aid.

    An enlightened teacher can clear up a lot of confusion. I like to think that I am clearing up your confusion.

    Dave O

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