Feedback: What Is The Transmission?

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Author: Dave Oshana

Enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana has been sharing the Enlightenment Transmission aince June 19th 2000 so that others may know Awakening and become fully Enlightened too.

2 thoughts on “Feedback: What Is The Transmission?”

  1. Greetings David and Friends.

    I will attempt to relate my own experience, regarding this material.

    I’ve been practicing in various ways all of the mystical traditions, for about 35 years, yoga, christian, sufi, Tai Chi, Buddhism, Zen, Gurdjieff, you name it. Not all of them at once of course.

    At first of course I did not know what I was doing, and even caused some harm to my psychological nature doing yoga. This caused me a lot of suffering, (eventually all healed, but this was a motivation to work). About 1978 I came in contact with the Gurdjieff and focused my efforts in that area. The Gurdjieff foundation first exposed me to Mindfulness and Attention and different ways to work with it.

    Since then my efforts became much more focused, and directed toward Mindfulness.

    In 1981, I became involved through a friend in an organization called Summit Workshops, (now defunct) This was started by an enlightened Westerner named Paul Larsen. It was in LA and many actors, business people and showbiz types attended. I was offered a position on staff and accepted. The position was extremely demanding, and also one of the requirements was that I be Present while at work, six days a week, 12 hours a day. Not easy to do, I assure you. I had one day off, and decided the best use of my time was to go hiking. I used to walk in the Huntington Library Gardens in San Marino. At that time I developed a method of conscious walking that combines use of the Chi.

    I was feeling my Chi very strongly one day and happened upon a flowering magnolia tree. At that point my consciousness became so intensely present with the beauty one was witnessing that something changed at a fundamental level. One can say that the egoic nature, or whatever it is we think we are ceased to exist for a time, perhaps 2 or 3 weeks. During that time any effort to be present was to experience a link with the Eternal and Infinite.

    In that sort of moment, information is transmitted from Intelligence. Intelligence is a name for the inate intelligence present in the life force.

    The other thing that happened is that Compassion arose very intensely and quite spontaneously.

    The other thing that happened is that since one had no real way of communicating this with anyone. People did not understand, but I also did not want to risk alienating them by trying to influence them in any way. Intelligence showed me whether they were ready to understand, and generally in conditions of ordinary life. Although at my job, a couple people could relate.

    One day I was in an office at Summit with a girl on staff and we were joking about something, and I suddenly felt something and said quite seriously, “Nothing Exists!” Suddenly we both laughed explosively and the room seemed to dissolve in light.

    I worked at Summit for about 3 or 4 more months, and had the strong feeling they had nothing more to give me. They did not See what had happened to me, or seem to care. They did not understand the power of what they were praciticing. But I recognized it.

    Following that I began to practice Vipsanna Meditation. I went back to the Work as well, and began studying J. Krishnamurti. All of these had valuable things to teach me about attention. I realized that I had made some progress, but since I could not talk about it, I had to study more to be able to discourse intelligently. I encountered many wonderful teachers but no so called Gurus or perfect masters. I no longer believed they existed or wanted to follow one.

    At the moment I am studying Tibetan Mahamudra and Dzongchen meditation techniques. It’s wonderful stuff. To practice Mahamudra is to rest in the awakened state of reality. The practice is the realization, to some extent. When we are alive in the Here and Now, we transcend duality in that moment, and the egoic self does not in fact exist.

    For me waking up is a daily struggle with habit. Work is often rewarded, but often a sense of awakening does not come. Being in the Here and Now, as simple as that may sound is not really as simple it would seem at all given the complexity of the fabric of our lives.

    Intelligence sometimes speaks to one and that is highly valued. But one longs for conditions when Intelligence spoke as frequently as it did.

    Much of what I learned intuitively is taught in the Mahamudra teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, but I am a synergist and an inventor. What I came up with was not in the context of any one single method or teacher. Or as Krishnamurti says, “Truth is a Pathless land.”

    A few years ago, I was trying to analyze what I practice and came up with my own system, not a new method, but a way of communicating about a work of attention, and what lines one needs to work in order to acheive results. There are at least 9 points or lines that I focus on, not all at once of course. But when Work is really happening I am conscious of all of them at once. But really it’s just one movement.

    When one achieves a Work of Attention, it’s effortless, however one does have to engage in a lot of efforts to have that, and the efforts have to be consistent and each effort has to produce a moment of mindfulness or awakening. Then if there are enough mindful efforts it’s possible to induct the truth of reality, or be aware of that on some level.

    One must exert oneself continually or the habit energy of one’s ordinary life will consume one. Monasticism or withdrawal friom soceity is not the answer if it simply maginifies the neurosis of society in a microcosm.

    To be open to the Truth of Reality is to encounter something other than egoic self, Intelligence. Very gradually, contact with Intelligence will cause one’s previous reliance on and belief in the egoic self to dissappear.

    What I have gathed from Tibetan Buddhism, recently is the reason for doing all of this. This would be the Path of the Bodhisattva. In the Bodhisttva Path we acknowlege our responsibility and the tremendous need and suffering of humanity. We are working for the good of all, and not for some ego motivation. Working purely from self motivation cannot sustain us very long.

  2. Hi everyone,

    Here are some of my experiences of the Transmission after studying with Dave for almost one year.

    Seeing a halo around Dave and eventually around other people was quite exciting but as I later learnt is quite common too. After a while I was able to see a similiar light around objects, especially trees, and even within empty spaces I can see some kind of activity going on.

    I’m not sure if the following really counts as the Transmission, maybe it does. At the meetings with Dave, we (the seekers) would normally come and be seated first and then Dave would arrive and come into the room later on. But since the very first meeting, I’ve always been mysteriously ‘told’ the moment Dave has come into the building. It’s a strange kind of knowing. And I instantly become relaxed and start breathing slowly. I think it’s a way my body is responding to Dave’s Presence.

    The night before my first intensive with Dave I had my first out of body experience. I went to bed and I was in a state kind of between awake and dreaming. Suddenly I felt my whole physical body turning without me moving at all. It was a really dramatic experience and I had no idea what was happening. A few seconds later I felt as if my body all got sucked out of a spot to the right of my abdomen. This all happened quite quickly and all was quiet again. After a while I had a sensation I was very light and felt like I was hovering above myself. It was then I heard the sound of a distant gate opening and I was away to ‘fly’ there and greet the person coming home. In fact I was able to direct myself to wherever I put my attention to. After wondering around for a while I flew into space. The next day I talked to Dave about it and he replied that it’s probably the Transmission’s way to introducing me to a higher state of consciousness.
    A few days later I had a very similar experience again but this time I wasn’t asleep.

    One of the most common experiences I associate with the Transmission during this past year is this strange and quite intense sensation on a spot on my forehead, exactly between my ear brows (the third eye chakra). It gets so intense sometimes it’s boarder line painful. I’ve been told it’s a sign my third eye is opening.

    I guess the most pleasant experiences of the Transmission are the spontaneous no-minds it generates. This can happen almost anywhere, but usually at home and when I’m relaxed. It requires no effort on my part and just gently eases me into a deep meditation. I’ve noticed it happening more and more often lately and the experiences are pure bliss!

    About two weeks ago I had a more serious encounter with the Transmission. Remembering back to Dave’s teachings he always talked about whether we are ready for ‘the leap’ to enlightenment. On hearing that I always responded silently ‘yes’, but nothing really happened after. That night two weeks ago I was in bed and again in a state between being awake and asleep. I felt a sudden expansion of my head or more like the barriers of my mind was removed. I felt that I was the room itself rather than the objects within it. Soon the expansion grew and grew and the image I recall is that I could see my mind as a tiny white drop in the vast ocean of consciousness. I realised that something was definitely happening but fears and questions started to arise, concerning my family, my work, etc. I was faced with the serious question then: “am I ready for enlightenment right now?” I wasn’t able to answer the question and eventually I fell as sleep. Looking back I interpret the event as the Transmission handing me enlightenment and asking whether I was willing to take it 100%. The whole event really showed me where my present attachments are right now.

    I wonder what the Transmission would bring in the future.


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