Dissolving Stuckness With Consciousness

Dave Oshana explains stuckness: what it is and how to remove it by the application of Consciousness itself. The class starts is part explanation and part practical guided meditation.

“Stuckness”- it seems to follow some people around. Like a swamp, the more you actively you fight against it the worse it gets. It sticks to you more, drags you in. It doesn’t go away. Stuckness is not only being stuck, it is about something sticking to you. So the question is how to handle “stuckness” if it does not let you be free. More importantly, how to move on with your life?

Of course, sometimes you are exactly where you are supposed to be. In one sense, you are always where you are supposed to be. But is it possible that you aren’t – that you have gone outside of the present moment, that you are detached from reality? This also is part of stuckness – being stuck in the mind’s constructs.

However, we will be relating directly to stuckness in its energetic form, dissolving it and progressively travelling into more subtle energetic realms to dissolve more stuckness. Ultimately, there is no more stuckness – only free flow – that is the ideal and the aim.

When are free of stuckness we also are not stuck in our lives. Are you ready to have that kind of freedom?