Finnish pop superstar, Danny, intends to finally start living and loving at 67 after heart attack

Even Finnish pop superstars like Danny (Ilkka Lipsanen) don’t know ho to live and love, but at the age of 67 he wants to start. How will he do it. The Oshana Spiritual Teaching has answers and produces quick results.

It may surprise you that even heartthrob pop superstars with the world and lovesick girls at their feet don’t know how to live and have a bit of trouble loving.

Danny (Ilkka Lipsanen), the first rock star to bring colourful choreography to the Finnish rock scene recently made a surprising statement to the press after a heart attack last month which left him at the “gates of death”

Danny now wants to live and love at the age of 67.

I am happy that Danny has come to this spiritual realisation and that he his publicising it through the Finland’s media channels. It may cause others to start waking up and question why they are living the way that they do.

Without asking such questions awareness cannot arise sufficient for constructive changes to happen.

I wonder how Danny will start opening himself up to life and how he will start giving and receiving love?

I know that it will not be easy. Simply having an intention is not enough. Habits and inhibitions have to be overcome. These tendencies are deep rooted, related to painful experiences and are well defended in the psyche.

In my work of guiding others to be all that they can be these areas are encountered and gently overcome. It takes dedication, persistence and support. Fortunately, good results come surprisingly fast and this encourages person to carry on until all is good and perfect.

I have been teaching that you don’t need to get to death’s door to realise that life has brought you wonderful opportunities. Human life is short, it does not get longer.

Danny’s poignant story reminds us of several important principles:

  • Starting fully living and loving today
  • Take every opportunity that life gives you
  • Be kind to others
  • Don’t take for granted what you already have
  • Being famous does not guarantee getting the most precious things in life – in fact it may make life more difficult
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    The rest of your life awaits you, but like Danny, are you ready to pay a big price to realise it? Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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    Blessing in the glories and opportunities of life,
    Dave Oshana