I, therefore, strongly suggest that it is time to go fast track.

Every year, around Enlightenment Day, it becomes especially easy to awaken. An incredible amount of energy is liberated precisely for self-realisation.

This offer isn’t always available. That’s the message. Take it.

Dear Friends,

Summer is here! Never mind.

In Finland, everything stops as every formerly working person, escapes to the forest for rests. That’s why:

  • it’s the last live online class for awhile (all domestic internet services will terminate) but free audio and class replays continue
  • all registrations for the summer island retreat have to be in (you will know you are registered if you receive an email begging for a deposit on 09.06.09 or refusing your application)

Whatever you do locally for summer, I would like you to meditate on how many summers you have left (if this disturbs you then stop reading here). In Finland, there are only so many saunas you can have before your body shrivels up like a prune or a prawn and the big E-gal in the sky pecks you off.

This almost makes sense when you don’t think directly about it. The mind is incredibly over-invested in the illusion of continuity even when South Sea Bubble is absolutely certain to burst. Which means “you die, I die, we all die – spry, crisp ‘n dry.”

This summer marks the 9th Year of my Enlightenment (since 19.06.2000). This does not mean anything to you – but it could. All is lost unless you wake up from the dream of unreality. Only so many summers left for someone.

I, therefore, suggest (strongly for a change) that it is time to go fast track. There’s nothing to lose except all being lost. So, continuing on an uncharacteristic track, unseen since 2000-2002, I super strongly urge you to to bind up every ounce of grit and courage and go for IT. As I said, you have nothing to lose except everything, guaranteed.

Every year, around Enlightenment Day, it becomes especially easy to awaken. An incredible amount of energy is liberated precisely for self-realisation.

This offer isn’t always available. That’s the message. Take it.

Wanna go fast track? Think about it. Then act. Write me subject line: “I want to go fast track”

By the Grace and Living Light of the Enlightenment Transmission,
Dave Oshana

Lights, Action, Transmission! After the Blast

Anyone who has experienced Transmission knows it is well powerful. Transmission is the real come to awaken you to the real. Seeker reactions to Transmission vary but there is always a reaction. Transmission is the long awaited big wave. How to surf it all the way home? Spiritual training is preparation for the Beyond The Beyond. Enter-taining? Apply with-in.

Anyone who has experienced Transmission knows it’s well powerful. As real as anything speeding on the road and then some (more). Transmission is the real come to awaken you to the real.

Like being awakened early? Some people do, and some don’t. Seekers’ reactions to Transmission vary but there is always a reaction from stunned amazed to stunned. That in itself is an event, a phenomenon, that people are affected at all. It isn’t the norm for spiritual events, except charismatic/cathartic rituals, which are typically as unstimulating as the umpteenth cold tea which the vicar accepted but did not drink (which is why stoned stimulant seekers, eschew the Salvation Army in favour of peyote-toting neo-shamans. “More E vicar?” will be the clarion call of the spiritually bankrupt bankrolling machine.)

It’s no wonder that spiritual seekers seek refuge in the last place that a Self-respecting aspirant should be seen – the bookshop. It’s the only place that seems to offer sense in the free market chaos of the topsy-turvy spiritual shopping mall. But it’s a trap, and enslavement to something far worse than the mail order book club debt-collector on the door – the mind’s machinations. Whilst prize courgette may grow from poop, the thousand-petalled lotus never arose from the dead-end mind. Minds don’t do wisdom anything like Consciousness does.

If Transmission is the long awaited big wave, then how to surf it all the way home? Forget about style, just hang on to that board, whatever happens it will be out of this world. That’s what this spiritual training is about, preparation for out-of-this-world, not the next world, but the Beyond The Beyond in this life, living from that place. Can you do two things at once? This is simpler.

If you followed this riff thus far and felt an immediate “yes yes, yes yes, yes yes” then apply with-in. If you didn’t then I hope you at least were enter-tained.

Fake Realisation: Fro-ZEN No-Mind

I received two emails from a seeker who met me once en-route to a jungle commune run by a drug-taking guru.

The email gave me an opportunity to explain a number of faults in spiritual groups of the “Get Nowhere Fast” variety.

Unfortunately, this type of “Nowhere” is not the supreme deluxe version but the regular mundane “Nowhere” version which can be experienced anywhere (like our city’s concrete jungle) but it’s so much easier to cope (presumably) with the mundane under the influence of drugs. I would have imagined that a jungle is so spectacularly wild that one would NOT need drugs but some people just can’t cope without their distractions.

The points which I made in the email refer to various aberrant spiritual groups (how judgmental) and not solely to the “let’s-take-drugs-in-the-jungle” crowd.

Rather than paste the two emails here I will just refer to the relevant lines. You can fill in the gaps. Just to give some context the writer claims to have achieved a “realization of the truth” over one year ago, and that there are other self-realisers in the same commune.

The main question in the email seems to be asking if self-realisers can change the world by reaching a critical mass. There is a strong suggestion that they can’t and that they make all the same interpersonal goof-ups as other people do. I take it further and state that some so-called self-realisers are actually abusers which begs the question what is a true self-realisation.

Below is my reply:


About the main ideas you wonder about [i.e. critical mass], I don’t think I have ever promoted them.

I frequently find that other teachings are really messy and that I am often asked to debug people’s confused thoughts.

Sometimes it’s natural to ask certain typical seeker questions, other times the questioner has been conditioned to think and question in a certain (useless) way. This makes them join the seemingly never-ending merry-go-round of religious fanatics and village idiots that we see every generation ruining the planet. Critical mass? Possibly – but most definitely spinning in the wrong direction.

The prescription for pseudo-religious brainwashing is mental detoxification -the dropping all religious beliefs. This has become a popular method in in the West in recent times – but it is not the end of the journey just a pit-stop on the road to Enlightenment.

Concerning so-called “self-realisers”, especially the “nod and a wink” variety, suspicions are raised when the person rigidly maintains a “no beliefs, no mind, no attachments” stance. This smacks of an anal retentiveness which is only of service in certain backward tantra groups.

It seems that there are many Western groups who hold this frozen position of pseudo-spiritual high rigor mortis. It starts with the fixed stare and the permanent smile. However, no amount of makeup and air-freshener, will make the purifying corpse of the faking-IT-in-the-belife that-this-is-making-IT seeker into the real thing, although naive mass followings (the greater the numbers, the worse the ignorance) (ref: Nuremburg 1936) can’t see the con.

For the discerning seeker, these Western groups unwittingly reveal their fake pedigree, much like a Cockney who has bought a Lordship when he opens his mouth to speak, when they misguidedly claim to be branches of the tree of Hindu Advaita (renamed in American McSpirituality as “non-dualism”). The original Shankacharya would be turning in his grave, except he may have been burned already.

Fake groups are unable to grow in anything but numbers, and certainly not wisdom, because like the recipients of every transplanted belief system they are orphaned and under-fed. They therefore eternally await The Final Reckoning when the missing intellectual jigsaw piece will finally be bestowed upon them – which it never is. What we see today, unfortunately, are a lot of humans claiming to be seekers but acting like like dogs barking up the wrong tree.

This is not to knock, what you have experienced. You have probably learned that experience is better than intellectual knowledge, and yet, beliefs have entered your reported “no-mind” state long enough to cause you to write me – twice! Itchy sods.

I would not appraise your current state without witnessing it (not that I am in the business of handing out MoT certificates [Ministry of Transport]). All I can say is that I have met a number of dubious characters who claimed to be “there” or had “IT” but who were conspicuously in a far worse state than your average Joe. Worse, they tended to act out, just as you fear in your email, in the most hideous ways. This is not to say that you are in that place.

However, I am uncertain of the ashram/commune where you are. It’s well-known that shamanic herbal drugs are dished out there like cabbage was in schools in my day. I don’t agree with drug use. Worse, I know of at least two cases of drug-induced insanity which required leaving the ashram to get long-term psychological and energetic help. Too dangerous. Drugs damage. I would not trust these groups.

You asked:

“How can self realized ones save the world? in the commune that I live
in there are several no minders, does this make the rest of us any more conscious…the answer is no.”

You have answered your own question, although, I would direct you to go further.

Is “self-realisation” the same as “no-mind”? Not necessarily, but from (a particular) no-mind can come the realisation of how one’s self will live. For me, that unavoidably and immediately meant being a spiritual teacher from the moment I got enlightened. So, self-realisation could be defined as knowing who you are and what you are to do in this life.

You wrote:

“Self realized ones (I don’t like to use the word “enlightenment” it just conjures up ideas or something to become)”

A person can even aim to become one of the “self realized ones”. I am looking for substitutes for the word “enlightenment” from time to time.

You demand:

“Tell me honestly David, do you not act out human behaviour, get angry, upset etc? I am not suggesting that you get attached to your own emotions but acting them out effects others around.”

I am glad you asked me to be “honest” ; ) – i don’t want to be like those dishonest ones who claim to be self-realised.

I would love to answer this question. Everyone wonders about it sometime.

I do act out human behaviours. I love passionate emotions, but I am often careful about when, where and how I express them.

You reason:

“Surely in these moments of human attachment atrocities can occur?”

That’s an extreme speculation. I don’t know what is possible. I know that I have learned to act responsibly with awareness and avoid hurting except to saves a person. You are entering the area of ethics and right action which will ruin your no-mind . Can you accept the price for extra growth?

Will real self-realisation save mankind? Yes, in time, if it spreads.

Will critical mass do it? That’s a vague idea which could be better defined. It’s not easy for people to change and there are not enough true self-realisers at the moment. But I want to see more – just not the FroZen No-Mind garden peas variety.

Dave Oshana