Raw Naked Spiritual Teaching vs Powder Puff Poetry

How not to get trapped in the snooty boutique of fake spirituality.

There is a kind of spirituality – you can find it in popular books and stirring speeches. Unfortunately, it’s not rare and you might have been infected by it without realising it.

Getting to the point: pretty words and spiritual powder puff poetry are not the real thing. Never could be, never will be. I speak as a former spiritual comics addict.

Getting closer to the point: Real spirituality is vivid, palpable and invigorating.

In this Sunday’s online class I will:

  • Point out the differences between real and sham spirituality.
  • Explain how to diagnose whether your problems are related to conceptual misunderstanding and unrealistic fantasies.
  • Introduce you to raw breathtaking spirituality, which once tasted means no more eating cardboard since you now know that you want the cornflakes inside the box more than the box itself – and, of course, I will show you how to find them.

All that in one class!

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