The Hot Steamy Summer Pre-Retreat Message

Before any Teaching, the Transmission ramps up, life and mind slows down, different things happen and there is a tonne of detox. Always remember, drink water, avoid sticky foods, get lots of sleep before you attend a Teaching event.

“Enlightenment is closer than you imagine!”

Dear Enlightenment Participant!

2 days to the Island Retreat. Are you feeling the heat, yet? It’s been a sultry 86F (30C), punctuated by warm sunny showers. Even the lakes are steaming!

o group walk pier

I’m feeling it. I have been lounging beside a forest lake for 10 days. Well, not always lounging; I had time to make a teaching video which you will get to see after we figure out how to edit it properly for online viewing.

I also got out the yellow hardhat to work on the new v.2.0. I and our hardworking tech, Nico, are excited with the delightful new features that will make it easier for you to find and watch videos, articles, book classes and replays and listen to free audio.

But alas! Computers are not responding well to my carbon-based touch. Nothing new, but rarer these days. After arriving back home, I immediately blew my desktop computer and a vacuum cleaner.

I hope I don’t blow up at the Retreat with all the "cosmic cleaning" (that expression care of a pair of Antipodeans) which is already happening. Normally, machines adapt to work very well around me except when I am buzzing as I am now.

Before any Teaching, the Transmission ramps up, life and mind slows down, different things happen and there is a tonne of detox. Always remember, drink water, avoid sticky foods, get lots of sleep before you attend a Teaching event.

I am going to be offline soon for about 10 days. But I’ll certainly be back with spiritual internet classes starting Sunday 8th August. You will be the first to know the new online class titles if you are subscribed to the online classes update list at (you need to login and go to Settings). It has been fun giving the classes and constantly improving the delivery.

Finally, I want to emphasise what the Oshana Enlightenment Teaching is really about. It’s about saying goodbye to the old you: your constructed, artificial identity. It’s not about improving that old wrecked model but bringing out the shining model which has been patiently waiting in a barn under a tarpaulin. So allow yourself a vacation away from your old self and life as you knew it. The reward is potentially great – Enlightenment!

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side of Enlightenment!

Dave O.

I Don’t Have Students

I avoid the expression “my students” wherever possible. Ideally, the word “student” would disappear from my “teaching” (ha ha) vocabulary. The truth is that I don’t have students because Truth cannot be studied.

Being described as a “teacher” further complicates the matter but this is because tax officers demand that I fit into a category which does not exist and search engines are designed to index words but not Transmission. (If you think that you don’t know what Transmission is then you have an amazing discovery to make.)

So who are these people attending my “classes” and “courses”? Hopefully, they will eventually discover that “people” they are not.

At night the moths gather around the candle-flame, immolate, incandesce and go beyond form. The flame is The Transmission. The moths are actually fireflies who believe they are butterflies when in fact they are brilliant lights.

I don’t teach. I don’t do anything except hold the space. The Transmission reveals to you what might be considered “teaching” but it is only teaching to those who do not know it. Only those who consider themselves students believe that they require teaching.

Jesus’ Path – Increasing The Good Works

A Martian tuning over the last few weeks might assume that this blog is about nothing more than the Jokela High School massacre. He or she (presuming that Martians have sex like everyone else – gratuitous anthropomorphic search engine bait noted) might wonder what does this blog have to do with Spiritual Enlightenment? Of course, it has everything to do with Enlightenment. Healing the immense psychological trauma resulting from the Jokela tragedy has everything to do with the enlightened life.

An enlightened person cannot just switch off and pretend that the Jokela High School children are not intensely confused and afraid. Daily they walk the same corridors where the blood of their friends and family was spilled. The trauma radiates out of Jokela like a seismic tsunami engulfing Finland and the world. Reports of copy-cat incidents planned, thwarted and attempted are coming in daily.

I would like to report that it is all being taken care of by the authorities, by the angels or life – but it isn’t. If teachers are breaking down seven years after the Columbine Massacre then what waits around the corner in Jokela? We can’t solve every problem today, but are Finnish children convinced that they are any safer now? Nothing has changed. While the rest of Finland might forget, the Jokela kids will remember their scars forever.
[I can get back to the Jokela issue in another post or maybe even start a new blog about social issues.]

A Martian, I am sure, would read deeper into this blog. In some parts of the world, let alone the universe, good enlightenment teaching is non-existent. You don’t want to go there, believe me! The Martian will harvest all the enlightenment information which there is to get – the sweet with the sour, the rough with the smooth.

For good enlightenment teaching to happen there has to be digging. Digging to find a qualified teacher, digging for the right questions and the teacher has to dig to get all of the teaching out of himself. Not 1% of what I have spoken has ever reached the internet and not 1% of what I could teach has ever been spoken – so that’s less than 1/10,000 of the teaching is out in the wild.

I know some seekers hope that enlightenment is simply unending bliss – it is- but it is also never-ending responsibility to free souls from suffering. This leads nicely into the subject of Jesus. You know, Jesus? Hint: He isn’t the guy that invented Christmas, presents, trees and all. Do you know why He came to us?

What I wanted to let you see is some of the other stuff that I do, in this case, a post which I am writing to my Finnish students. Normally you won’t get to see those posts. This recent post is about the upcoming Jesus teaching event. I will post it as the next blog item soon. So much to write and so little time . . .

PostScript: The promised blog item was posted two days later, enjoy : To Be Good One Must Do Good