Total Happiness In An Age Of Uncertainty

Happiness is essential to human life. Without happiness mankind is set on a path to self-destruction. The results of unhappiness have been suicide, genocide, murder and act of destructions. An unhappy person is slowly dying inside.

No-one sets out to be unhappy in life. The result is forced upon a person by inhumane (unenlightened) treatment which will damage the human psyche. This creates a host of psycho-pathologies such as: chronic depression, paralysing inhibitions, low self- esteem, self-deceit, self-abuse, uncontrollable emotions and the splitting of the psyche.

When a person enters a pervasive state of fear, anxiety or dread then their psycho-immune system runs down. Consequently, they are unable to focus, plan or manifest. From the viewpoint of the Oshana Teaching Framework, they have lost their capacity for full awareness, energy and self-directiveness.

A person in such a state is vulnerable. Inevitably he/she gets used by others in ways which are contrary to his or her true nature. Self-loathing and fear result. Finally, the person becomes apathetic and cynical as all his attempts to improve his life meet with failure, rejection or misdirection. A person in this state is unable to meet their real (spiritual, emotional) needs and starts to prematurely shrivel up and die. Be aware: tragically, this process starts at a very young age.

Unhappiness has permeated to the core of this society because it values and rewards acts of unnecessary destruction and brutality to others and nature.

But there is hope. Fortunately, happiness does not depend on external circumstances but instead on an internal relationship. How you feel about yourself is essential. But positive thinking is not deep enough. Attempting to change your mental attitude is superficial and temporary. You will only feel completely good about yourself when you have no beliefs about yourself in the deepest layer of your mind.

It’s amazing how much time people spend on trying to make them self feel good via external means and fail. The average lifestyle, which depends heavily on self-medicating (via drink, drugs and distraction) is painful testimony to the inner bitterness that many people feel. People either bite their tongues or they bite other humans. Unfortunately, a growing number of people are obsessed with hurting others through watching violent amateur movies on YourTube and video games involving killing and rape.

The only medicine is happiness. The means and the goal to finding it are internal. Existing inside you is an unlimited spring of happiness. You were cut off from it at an early age. You can find that secret spring of joy and turn it into a waterfall.

The first lecture in the Life Mastery Lecture Series Total Happiness In An Age Of Uncertainty focuses on your happiness. Subsequent lectures will focus on the happiness of your partners, babies, children and eventually the whole planet.

Author: Dave Oshana

Enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana has been sharing the Enlightenment Transmission aince June 19th 2000 so that others may know Awakening and become fully Enlightened too.

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