What I really, really want is for Christmas is . . .

Me what do I want? Oh, I’m not denying that I don’t enjoy a pair of woollen socks and cotton boxer shorts, but what I really, really want is . . .

I realised this year why it is that the older you get that Christmas does not work. Our ancient ancestors must have realised a few days after the shortest astronomical day was a very good excuse the celebrate the return of the light. Perfectly acceptable behaviour until the religious and secular marketing men turned up to subvert the festival and progressively brainwashed the masses to associate it with myths, untruths and lies. Jesus was not born on Christmas Day and didn’t even follow a solar calendar. The only relevance of Santa Claus is that the original Saint Nicholas was connected to Turkey, the namesake of poor bird that gets gutted and stuffed in sacrifice ever so-called Christ-mass.


If you want to be loving at Christmas you don’t need to get drunk, sing silly tunes, send e-cards. I don’t take up space writing the whole list of ridiculous behaviours. I invite you to meditate. I already gave a dig at Christmas madness yesterday in my evil twin anti-enlightenment blog, Un-Enlightened Society, in a post entitled The Matrix Meltdown at Christmas: Real Goodwill. Like all things spiritual and transformational, don’t read it unless you want an alternative perspective.

Into the real meaning of this post. I realised that Christmas does not work for me because it is unreal. It’s a ritualistic game of fake sentiments. I prefer to be real. Unfortunately, Christmas is an invitation, even a strong pressure, a Spanish Inquisition to suspend reality and sincerity.

I don’t ask for much so I never notice that I don’t get what I would really want for Christmas. First I would want Christmas to go away. Instead, let’s all go to the forest and cook over a wood fire in a yurt. Next let’s have some real food. All that wasted money could be spent on top quality organic delicacies and exotic foods. Me what do I want? Oh, I’m not denying that I don’t enjoy a pair of woollen socks and cotton boxer shorts, but what I really, really want is a website. Yes, a website! A fully functioning up-to-date website with all the content that would explain, describe and give the experience and understanding of the Enlightenment Transmission and Teaching. Until I have that site I know that my teaching cannot go forward without having to reinvent the wheel again and again. Once the website is there then many other projects can go forward. That’s what I really want. Now let me open that gift wrapped box . . . Oho! It’s a . . .

Author: Dave Oshana

Enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana has been sharing the Enlightenment Transmission aince June 19th 2000 so that others may know Awakening and become fully Enlightened too.

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