Without Hesitation: Mission Tools To Fulfil Your Destiny

Did you ever feel that something could be so exciting that you might not be able to contain the energy?

Every time I start to write a “Welcome to the Island Retreat Orientation” it feels like I might explode with excitement. Visions and possibilities for the participant’s development rush towards me. I cannot write about it all. On the Retreat the Teaching makes it clearer.

These Retreats have the potential to take you very fast and very far from where you are. The first question in my mind is can you handle the change, the awakenings and realisations? That’s why you have a teacher – to protect you from opening too fast, because if you did, you might shy away from ever opening up again.

The Transmission is very pure and effective but a person whose ego does not want to change can only cope with small, gradual amounts.

Ultimately, when you no longer cling to anything, then the Transmission can move you anywhere, instantly. As the Transmission is your own Self then you become one with your Self.

Every retreat reveals your hidden potentials and practical ways to handle the energies of life. The theme for this retreat is uncovering internal resistances to fulfilling your life purpose. This work is initially psychological because it it involves the mind and psyche. Since we use them daily this is an unavoidable work.

Of course, as ever, there will be a lot more information, activities and experiences to support this work. Transmission always provides as you have certainly learned from past experience.

Without Hesitation: Mission Tools To Fulfil Your Destiny

Author: Dave Oshana

Enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana has been sharing the Enlightenment Transmission aince June 19th 2000 so that others may know Awakening and become fully Enlightened too.

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  1. Let me get this straight – you work through your Self to find your Self and become totally self-centred. Then you tell yourself you have moved beyond self to a selfless position of inner peace and tranquility.

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