Where Yo Been, Oshana?

A period of absence from this blog.

Everywhere else I have been busy.

The last quarter of the year was left free for teaching projects with international reach: video, teleconferencing and a complete renovation of my 5 sites. My wife now advises me to purchase a 6th site. Can you believe a wife who happily creates more computer work for her husband? As she is psychic I will comply.

I have been avoiding the computer as much as possible which seems to be less and less, meaning I am more and more involved. All event planning seems to involve piles of emails. The latest big project was teaching in Estonia. A great country but a language like no other, except a bit like Finnish, which is ideal since I only know a tidbit of Finnish.

Times have changed from whence I did everything flying by the seat of my pants. I still do but being a teacher, like being a parent, involves never ending responsibilities.

Which is why I am happy that some of my students have become teachers.

Oh, I didn’t say that I received a peace award on my Enlightenment birthday, 19 June. My wife has it on the piano which I can see when I go to the fridge. It reminds my mind of who I am.

The online enlightenment video project (YouTube probably) was delayed because Helsinki got hit by more lightning in 2 minutes than did in 2 years. Lightning is a sign to switch off the PCs which I forgot to do because I was filming the lightning. Fortunately, all PCs found the Resurrection after 3 days wallowing in the underworld.

My sites will be updated and re-served. (What would you like with your computer chips – enlightenment sauce?) We have an ambitious visual computation graduate who likes the application: Ruby on Rails. I mention that in case there is anyone out there with Rails experience. Job advert over.

Also, seriously what do you think of the web-sites. Tell me the worst and best. 1 month amnesty starting from today. Provide solutions.

I won’t give you the whole list of things I have been doing. Just to mention I like seaweed soup, steamed rice and chilli paste for breakfast. KoreanAir has great service even if the vegetarian option looked too ambiguous to eat. They gave me extra food. Finnair gave me my vegetarian option to another passenger because I slept too long (22 hour flying total time). BritishAirways have committed worse crimes against vegetarians – turkey in a melted cheese roll.

Oh, why did I write all that. I was a delegate attending a peace conference in Korea. 6 days. Too much to write. Still making sense of it.

Two of my students are getting married. I will give a speech. I know what to do. I was at a wedding in London in August. Extended stay. Marriage is really important. I would tell you if you were here. Eventually my observations will get to you, wherever you are. Think how that could be made possible.

First, though, the 5 6 web-sites have to be made ready.


Author: Dave Oshana

Enlightened spiritual teacher Dave Oshana has been sharing the Enlightenment Transmission aince June 19th 2000 so that others may know Awakening and become fully Enlightened too.

4 thoughts on “Where Yo Been, Oshana?”

  1. Hi Dave,

    I’m wondering what’s important about marriage. If you love somebody you don’t need any marriage. You have everything. Marriage seems more often than not a prison which implies a kind of ownership relationship: “You are my wife and you are not allowed to be (close) with other men.” Well, if there is love there is absolutely no need for something artifical like marriage. And what if the love changes or ends?? You can never know.

    Anyway, apart from this 🙂 I don’t see any problem in marriage, on the contrary: if it is a celebration of love and life, well it is just that. Like an outer manifestation of the inner sense of rightness and happyness about beeing with the “right” person and maybe also a commitment to treat the other respectful and to serve them. But: why not living like this anyway, who needs a “contract” for that like marriage? And until I meet a couple for whom this is true and the above is not I see more negative than positive in marriage.

    Anyway, I feel myself that there might be something more, something deeper about marriage. Right now its just a feeling, I can’t grasp it…


  2. Hi Nico,

    I see marriage as an inner state. External contracts don’t guarantee the integrity of a marriage.

    A marriage ritual can express an intention.

    However, many important rituals today have become degraded, commercialised, standardised and sanitised.

    Here in Finland nearly every 15 year old is desperate to attend a Christian confirmation (konfirmaatio) confession camp (rippileiri). The camp finale is a group of white smocked teenagers huddled in front of a church altar trying to sing old fashioned hymns.

    The implication is that they are really interested in becoming Christians.

    Actually most of them aren’t interested. In fact some of them hate the church. So why stand there in front of God, the image of Jesus and the community making a public declaration of faith?


    The teen expects a big pay out from all the relatives. Sounds like a mafia initiation. And so the corruption, lying and hypocrisy becomes institutionalized.

    Finns generally are good, honest and sincere people. The confirmation ceremony is well intentioned – it’s about showing love to kids by giving them huge amounts of money, because that’s what all their friends are getting, which they have no idea what to do with, so they buy a scooter which they can’t really control especially when under the influence of alcohol. But it has nothing to do with Jesus.

    The Lutheran Church profits handsomely by getting a percentage of everyone’s monthly wages.

    Marriage is a public declaration of a boundary to preserve the energy between two people.

  3. “Marriage is a public declaration of a boundary to preserve the energy between two people.”

    This seems quite idealistic to me. And isn’t there the danger of limiting life’s possibilities? Also isn’t it very possessive to say “my wife” or my “husband”? Everybody is free or not?

    I think your view is somewhat conservative… 🙂

    (Well, you used the word “preserve” which kind of means “conserve”)

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